Collinsville Memorial Library Center
408 West Main
Collinsville, IL 62234

History of the 1962-63 Wing

The East wing of the Collinsville Memorial Library was built in 1962-63. The addition was designed by Albert R. Goedde, assistant to J.W. Kennedy on the original design.The wing was built at a cost of $43,000 by Joe Kinsella.

The East wind of the Library was dedicated on October 13, 1963.

History of the 1966-67 Wing

The West wing of the Collinsville Memorial Library was building in 1966-67. Robert Field was selected as the architect for the construction of the West wing. Total cost of this wing was $144,280.

The west wing dedication took place on December 15, 1967.

Total cost of all construction and that of new equipment over the library’s first 50 year period was approximately $250,000 - about $5,000 a year - which took in acquisition of three pieces of land in addition to construction, furnishings and equipment expense.