Fairmont City Library Center
2870 N. 44th St.
Fairmont City, IL 62201


A temporary trial library was open in Fairmont City in the May of 2007 at the Holy Rosary School. It was opened at the end of the school year in the unattached classroom building.


Mississippi Valley Library District rented the small hall and front foyer as a temporary location
for the Library Center which was envisioned to serve the western areas of the Library District due
to lack of transportation and resources for that population.
The Board of Trustees decided to purchase the American Legion building for a number of
1. To move into the area in a more expedient manner for the population of State Park and
Fairmont City.
2. To help sustain the American Legion Post 961 legacy.
3. To retain a historical building for the area.


Costs associated with the immediate needs of the building to sustain a library.
Main Circulation Desk Free from Roxana Public Library
Shelving from Addison Public Library $1,500.00
Transportation of the shelving (Dibble Moving) $5,015.00
Reconstruction & Installation (Miller & Maack)
7 Computers with monitors $5,305.00
5 laptops $4,242.00
Receipt printer $ 327.00
Oce printer $8,000.00
Interior renovation of Bar and front desk area $20,589.00
Total $44,978.00


Collier Appraisers LTD completed a survey and appraisal for the building and ground owned by
the American Legion Post 961 on May 5, 2009. The appraisal was officially $185,000.
The Board of Trustees offered the appraisal price and it was accepted. Through negotiations with
the American Legion two payments of $92,500 - one given in 2009 and one in 2010 - was
The building was in need of renovation for ADA and safety upgrades and the interior needed
improvement. Grants were immediately sought for restoration and improvement.


The United States Department of Agriculture Division of Rural Development
A grant program which included ADA accessibility and renovation for new restrooms, new main
entrance and new 24 hour book and mail drop was offered for $67,000. The Library District was
expected to allocate a minimum of 25% of the project (initially $22,438). Change orders included
abatement and unexpected problems encountered due to the age of the building and hidden issues
in walls and ceilings.
Original Quote (WG Services) $89,752.00
Change orders $ 5,410.15
Total of Project $95,162.15


Eliminate the Digital Divide grant
This grant came through the office of the Illinois State Library funded by the Dept. Of Commerce
and Economic Opportunity for the amount of $26,000 with no matching funds necessary by the
Library District.
Items purchased for the building through this grant:
Furniture: 4 tall tables, 12 short tables, 18 bar stools, 32 regular chairs
Teaching Lab: 8 tables, 50 stacking chairs
Equipment: 16 camera security system
55" LCD television with Flat Panel Cart with storage
4 laptops
7 desktop computers
LaserJet printer
Bluray player
Various smaller pieces / accessories


Illinois State Library Construction grant
Since the construction grant amounts were cut in half (from $250,000 to $125,000 per project
with the ability to ask every 3 years), it was decided to try to complete the process of restoration
of the building in 2 stages - the exterior and the interior.
In January 2011 the Construction grant was presented to the Illinois State Library requesting the
amount of $125,000 with a matching amount from the Library District of no less than $133,000.
On April 11, 2011 an award letter was issued to the Library District by the Secretary of State in
Illinois accepting our proposal and awarding the Library District $125,000 with work to begin in
September of 2011. An extension until the Spring of 2012 was awarded due to the winter season
and the fact that all of the work was on the exterior of the building and grounds.
On March 5, 2012 bids were open by all participating contractors. The lowest certified bid was
from Construction Concepts from Glen Carbon, IL for $346,793.
On March 18, 2012 the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Valley Library District unanimously
approved to accept Construction Concepts bid to renovate the exterior of the Fairmont City
Library Center.


Village of Fairmont City approved a TIF distribution of $30,155 for essential utility upgrading which will include electrical system and plumbing upgrade which will include a lift station.


Two lighting grants completely brought in new wiring as needed and more energy efficient lighting - $15,400.


The Bank of Edwardsville expressed an interested in using a portion of the Fairmont City Library Center as a satellite bilingual banking center. An agreement between the Board of Trustees and The Bank of Edwardsville to approve a 5 year license of the banking center in the Northeast section (the old Bar area of the American Legion) building was granted after The Bank of Edwardsville offered to refurbish the inside of the building not only for their space but to renovate the space that the library would be using.