Dorris Fountain & Pan
Collinsville Memorial Library Center
408 W. Main Street
Collinsville, IL 62234


Carl Christian Mose (1903-1973), instructor of modeling at the School of Fine Arts at Washington University was commissioned to design and construct the center piece for the Dorris Fountain in March of 1938.

A youthful terra cotta figure of Pan was agreed on for a happy combination of reasons. It suggested the figure of a child and so is fitting gift of children in tribute to one whom they respect and admire. He comes from Greek mythology and therefore has a distinctive literary quality which makes him especially appropriate for the library grounds. It is in the right proportion for the pool which in turn was carefully designed and placed so as to harmonize with the library itself. The figure is depicted as performing an act which is pleasing and by its nature is meant to be continuously piping a melodious tune on a set of reeds.

As described by Carl C. Mose in 1938

In May of 2008 Pan was transported to a reclamation studio to be renovated and the fountain was torn out to be replaced by one with higher walls to protect the fountain mechanism and waters from the debris from the Main Street.

Russell-Marti Conservation Services
60128 Gooseberry Hollow Road
California, MO 65018

Reported by Conservation Services upon completion and reinstallation on April 27, 2009
Condition of Pan
The sculpture was removed from the Collisnville Memorial Library in May 2008 and brought to RMCS for examination and conservation treatment. At the time of pick-up, the sculpture was covered with approximately half a dozen heavy coats of semi-gloss white paint. It took nearly 40 hours to remove the paint from the statue. Removal of the paint revealed subtle sculptural details and a much finer sculpture overall. However, it was also found that the sculpture suffered substantial damage to the glaze and the terra cotta over the years. The glaze is abraded, worn and chipped with large losses throughout the sculpture.


  • Paint and some dark stain was removed from the sculpture.
  • An anchoring system was designed and installed inside the base of the sculpture.
  • The major sculptural losses were reconstructed - the index finger on Pan’s right hand, Pan’s tail and ears, the raised hoof, and lare sections along the edges of the shells on the base.
  • Areas of smaller losses and damage were repaired - Pan’s eyelids, the frog’s mouth, the pan pipe, and the lower edges of the base.
  • The holes in the shells on the side of the base were plugged. These were once fountain holes with piping.
  • The surface of the sculpture was visually unified by painting with dry pigments over selected areas to give the final appearance of the Pan a slightly weathered but well cared for sculpture.
  • The sculpture was installed on a new concrete pedestal at the Collinsville Memorial Library.

The estimated cost of the 1 year long process was $12,000.

The Collinsville Memorial Library Foundation is the custodian of the monies from the fundraising effort and continue to pay the fountain’s water usage bills and any repair costs needed to continue the Dorris Fountain and maintenance of the Pan Sculpture for the enjoyment of the community.