Resident Description

Resident Status (LR)
Any new applicant who resides in District limits of the Mississippi Valley Library District wanting to apply for a library card must produce 2 forms of identification - one picture id and another and both forms must have the same Collinsville residence. If the picture id does not agree with the current residence, the person is responsible to produce 2 forms without the picture which do agree (the picture id identifies the person, the others identify the residence).
Patrons renewing their cards must produce one form of identification that shows current District residency.
Three year expiration date given.

Are you a resident of the Mississippi Valley Library District?

You are a resident of the Mississippi Valley Library District if you live in the Collinsville Unit 1o School District and do not live in any other library district within that School District. These other library districts are the Maryville Library District, Caseyville Library District, and the Six Mile Regional Library District.

You can definitely determine which library district you live in
** by checking your property tax statement. One line on your statement will indicate which library district you are paying your library taxes to.

** by calling your County Clerk whether in Madison County in Edwardsville or in St. Clair County in Belleville and ask which library district you reside in.

** by calling the Main Desk at Collinsville Memorial Library Center 618.344.1112 to ask if you belong to the Mississippi Valley Library District.

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